13th September 2012

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Been so busy the past few days, but I’ve got 20 minutes of free time now, so let’s review some cards!

The Azorius mythic is Sphinx’s Revelation. Quite frankly, the card is a bit boring. It’s power level is on par with Stroke of Genius and Blue Sun’s Zenith and I’m pretty sure that the only reason it’s printed at a mythic instead of a rare is to be part of the “X” mythic cycle. It could see some play in Control decks, but it’s just an OK card.

Tablet of the Guilds is dumb. The advantage over cards like Dragon Claw is that you get to choose two colors instead of one, but if you don’t gain life from your opponent’s spells then it doesn’t do enough. Printing a card worse than the Dragon Claw cycle is just a waste of a slot.

I like Centaur Healer. A 3/3 for 3 is always good in Limited, and a little bit of life gain makes it even better. I’d always be happy to draft a few of these.

Detention Sphere is very good. In any deck that can easily generate blue mana, it’s generally better than Oblivion Ring. It’s not especially exciting, but it is very good.

Stealer of Secrets is a nice Limited common. If it gets in once, it is very good. If it never gets in for damage, it’s pretty bad.

I don’t really understand Counterflux. As it stands, it’s Last Word for UUR. I just don’t really get why it has overload. A player rarely has two spells on the stack at once, unless one is being played to counter another spell. And in that case, one counterspell is good enough. If something like storm comes up before this rotates out of Standard then it could be pretty good, but otherwise overload won’t really matter.

Mercurial Chemister is pretty cool. A body of only 2/3 kind of scares me in a 5-drop, but if he untaps you should be able to pull ahead. Drawing two cards per turn or being able to turn any card in hand into a removal spell is a huge advantage. His body might be too small to see Constructed play, but it’s still a fun card and an awesome Limited bomb.

Necropolis Regent" is the black mythic. It’s a 6/5 flier for 6 with "Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, put that many +1/+1 counters on it." it’s a pretty big ability, but I’m not sure what decks are excited to play this card. In a control deck, this creature could just be a quick two turn clock. In a midrange deck, it really only pumps your guys when you’re ahead anyway. Probably going to be unplayed.

Ultimate Price is likely going to be unplayed in Constructed. It’s possible that this time next year multicolored cards will be more important, but don’t expect widespread Constructed play. It’s a pretty good removal spell in Limited though.

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