10th September 2012

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I’ve been busy the past couple of days, but I’m getting caught up on the 7 spoilers I’ve missed. :)

Desecration Demon seems a lot better than he really is. He’s basically a 6/6 for 4 that can be pseudo-chumped by any creature, even those that can’t block or are tapped. He can also be pseudo-forced to block any creature. I don’t think I’ll be playing him in any Constructed games any time soon.

Rix Maadi Guildmage is sweet. In the late game, she’ll turn a standoff into a one sided attack, as there’s no way the opponent can keep creatures around when they’re getting swarmed by -1/-1s.

I’m a bit disappointed by Trostani. Gaining life is meh. The fact that she has to survive a whole turn to let me spend mana to make a single token isn’t especially exciting. It’s body is nothing special. It just feels really slow and boring.

Underworld Connections is the last card. It enchants a land, and gives the enchanted land “T, pay one life: Draw a card.” While this seems incredibly good, it’s certainly no Phyrexian Arena. First off, you’re losing one mana every time you want to draw a card. This is extremely relevant when you’re trying to fight through aggressive threats. Next, the life gain will become extremely relevant if aggro decks exist. I foresee this card being a nice sideboard inclusion to control decks to help fight other control decks, but I don’t expect much more from it.

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