11th June 2012

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Some new blue cards in M13! We’ve got some really cool ones here.

First up is Encrust. It’s a fine Limited removal spell, but nothing more.

Faerie Invaders seems really powerful. I would be OK with playing a 3/3 flier for 5 mana in many decks, but having flash basically makes it a removal spell with a wincon attached. Amazing Limited common. And crossing fingers that we get some cool Lorwyn-esque art.

Hydrosurge might actually be a reasonable combat trick in drafts. Normally this type of effect is pretty bad, but -5 power might just be enough to be playable.

Jace’s Phantasm is exciting. Many are writing it off as crap, but most people thought the same thing about Delver of Secrets too. I feel like this could see play in ever format from Standard to Legacy, given the right cards to back him up.

Mind Sculpt is boring, but I suppose mill spells are necessary. Great flavor though.

Tarland, the Sky Summoner is cool. For 4 mana, you’re getting a 2/2 which can spawn ton and tons of 2/2 fliers. It seems like a lot of fun. It’s most comprable to Emeria Angel, but in the right deck it could be so much more. Backed up by a counterspell, this  guy could pull out so many tokens for just 4 mana

Tarland’s Invocation is a sick Limited card. We’ve come a long way since Air Elemental.

Tricks of the Trade seems reasonable. Getting 2-for-1ed after playing a 4 cmc aura on a midsized creature sucks, but if it sticks in can win games quickly.

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