11th June 2012

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Blue reprints in M13.

Divination is back. It’s a great card for Limited and for many control and midrange matchups in Standard.

Essence Scatter is fine. It’s pretty good in Limited, as most cards played are creatures. In Standard, it can be good in the right meta.

This Jace is really boring. It’s no surprise that he’s back, but it’s nothing exciting either. It’s fine in control mirrors and dedicated mill decks, but nothing more after that.

Negate is back; no surprises there. Excellent card in the right meta.

Scroll Thief is an OK Limited card. If he gets in once, he has done his job. If he gets in more than that, he can put you pretty far ahead.

Welkin Tern is reasonable. It’s close enough to Stormfront Pegasus (one my favorite Limited cards) that I’ll be happy to draft it.

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