11th June 2012

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Here’s some new white cards that are going to be in M13!

Everyone’s excited for Rhox Faithmender… but I don’t get why. It just seems bad. I guess it’s cool if you want to build a Chalice of Life deck, but even there it seems a bit weak.

Sublime Archangel seems cool. A 4/3 flier for 4 is promising, and the exalted ability could be pretty powerful in the right deck.

Crusader of Odric is just a white Scion of the Wild. I guess it could be fun in Limited.

Ajani’s Sunstriker seems like a really good Limited card. I call 2 cmc creatures with an ability tacked on a “Bear+”, and they’re always underrated in draft. His mana cost might be a bit tough, but it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Attended Knight is a bad Blade Splicer. But still, a 2/2 first striker for 3 is a great Limited card by itself, and the 1/1 token makes it even better. I’ll love drafting this.

Griffin Protector seems OK. A 2/3 flier for 4 is reasonable, and his ability to get bigger seems pretty good with exalted.

Knight of Glory is a cool update on White Knight. First Strike is probably a better ability than exalted most of the time, but his easier casting cost should make him a crowd favorite. I’m sure we’ll be seing some Standard play with this guy, especially after Mirrodin Crusader rotates.

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