11th June 2012

Photoset with 5 notes

Here’s a few white reprints that are going to be in M13!

First is Angelic Benediction. It’s a decent Limited card. It’s almost as good as removal for an aggressive deck.

Aven Squire is awesome! I know that he didn’t see a whole lot of Standard play, but I always thought that in the right scenario he could. Still, this card is probably replacing Stormfront Pegasus for M13, and it fills the role quite nicely.

Glorious Charge sucks. It’s usually one of those cards that you don’t want to have to play in Limited, but sometimes you have no other choice.

Guardians of Akrasa is sometimes really good in Limited. Against certain decks, it can block everything and provide exalted.

Pacifism is great. 2 cmc removal for white, and it can sometimes see Standard play.

Oblivion Ring is good to have back. It’s fair and very useful.

I always liked Safe Passage. It’s a great Fog for Limited, and it can even be used as a miser in Standard.

Serra Avatar sucks for competitive play. For 7 mana, I want a creature that does something. Even a 20/20 for 7 wouldn’t be playable, and this is much worse in most scenarios.

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’ll get to the other colors some time soon!

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