7th September 2012

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I was holding out on making my nightly spoiler post until a few more cards were revealed, but it looks like it might just be these two tonight.

Syncopate is a reprint. I get the point of the card, but it doesn’t really seem that great. The only time that it’s better than Dissipate is when you’re using it as a 2 mana Force Spike.

Loxodon Smiter isn’t what I was hoping for, but it’s not bad. If Liliana starts seeing some play, this card could be a great answer. Even if you’re not up against discard, I suppose it’s still an uncounterable 4/4 for 3.

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6th September 2012

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Tonight’s spoilers are looking awesome!

First up tonight is Slitherhead. While the art is strange, the card itself seems pretty solid. I’m not sure if it’s as good as the other two cards of the cycle spoiled so far, but it could see some Standard play in the right deck. It might even work out OK in Zombies.

Next is Guild Feud. While I’ll normally comment that cards like this are unplayable nonsense, I’m going to hold my tongue here. I’m going to hope for a ramp deck with a bunch of Griselbrands, Avacyns, and 15/15 Wurms to be played alongside this card.

I LOVE Abrupt Decay. While it doesn’t hit everything, it hits tons and tons of relevant things. It can’t be countered, and it destroys many permanents in many different types of decks. It could even see play in eternal formats, where the permanentness you want to deal with cost three or less anyway, and counterspells are very relevant.

Supreme Verdict is insane. Everyone was sad that Day of Judgment wasn’t around in M13, but having both of those cards together would just be too crazy. This card should see a fair amount of play for the next two years. If I recall correctly, this should be the Buy-A-Box Promo, so picking up a box might be a good idea (if it wasn’t already).

Collective Blessing might actually be playable in Standard. In a nice midranged deck, this could be a fantastic card for breaking a mirror. And it’s insane in Limited.

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5th September 2012

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Anonymous said: Just so you're aware, Niv 2.0 will only draw you 1 card when it attacks. He draws a card whenever he deals damage, not a card for each damage he deals.

Yeah, I know. I said that if he survives a turn, he’ll draw you 4 cards. This is because he can get in for damage in the air, and then you’ll likely be able to activate his ping ability three times.

5th September 2012


Anonymous said: Not to sound rude or anything but your card critiquing seems a bit lopsided. I wonder if you think of all the applications of certain cards before you just shove them in the bin. I'll gladly take every Rakdos's Return, Worldspine Wurm, and Hypersonic Dragon you pull, off your hands and put them to good use :D

From a competitive Magic point of view, I don’t see them being played. The sad truth is that most cards never see Constructed play. It’s just how it is.

5th September 2012


spiralshadow-deactivated2013011 said: While I agree with your appraisal of most of these RTR cards, I disagree with you on two cards the most. Hypersonic Dragon is going to be lovely in Grixis control (which will definitely be a thing, trust) because it lets you drop your Dreadbores and Duresses (for example) at instant speed. Heroes' Reunion is a great straight-up lifegain card. You want a bad card? Angel's Mercy is a bad card. HR is designed for limited (lol@lifegain in Constructed...) and powered appropriately.

Hypersonic Dragon is really bad from a fundamental point of view. A deck full of sorceries is built around playing things at sorcery speed. A few cards being cast at instant speed is nowhere near as good as getting real card advantage, which control finishers should do. Control decks really don’t want to get 1 for 1ed by a removal spell. 

Heroes Reunion is just as bad as Angel’s Mercy. Lifegain on turn 2 has the same effect o the outcome of the game as lifegain on turn 10 does. I’d just like to see a Contructed worthy lifegain card for once.

5th September 2012

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Last three cards, then I’m all caught up on the spoilers.

I’m going to assume that Golgari Guidgate is part of an obvious cycle. It’s great for Limited and Pauper, and it could see a little bit of play in Standard if there are some good cards that support Gates.

Grove of the Guardian is really powerful. Being able to flash in an 8/8 with vigilance creates a real problem for the opponent. I don’t know if most decks will play this over Gavony Township, but it’s certainly worth testing.

Transguild Promenade is a functional reprint of Rupture Spire. It’s nice to have.

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5th September 2012

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I love the way R&D took the old Niv-Mizzet and gave him a little tweak for his RTR update. He isn’t as good as a general in EDH, but he could be a huge control finisher in Standard. If you can untap with him, he’ll get in for 5 damage and can draw you 4 cards. Sounds solid to me.

Rakdos’s Return is being overhyped by everyone. Calling it the next Blightning is like calling Blaze the next Lightning Bolt. This card is more likely to be the next Wit’s End.

Yay Selesnya Charm! I’d love to play a 2/2 flash vigilance for GW, and this card is SO much more. It can remove big threats, it can push damage over chump blocks, it can be a small Giant Growth to win in combat. This card is so so good.

Sluiceway Scorpion is an awesome common. Honestly, I could see myself playing this even if it didn’t have scavenge. With the extra ability tacked on, it’ll do some big things at the draft table.

Wayfaring Temple is fun I guess. If you’re beating in with this guy, you’re probably at the point in the game where the extra token doesn’t matter. I guess it could be interesting though.

Dryad Militant is crazy! With a 2/1 for one (with a hybrid mana cost!) you’ll be stopping cards with flashback, and cards that could gain flashback from Snapcaster Mage. I’m really excited for this girl.

Judge’s Familiar is a cool card that is likely part of a cycle with Dryad Militant. A 1/1 flier for 1 with an extremely relevant ability could end up seeing play from Standard to Vintage.

Rakdos Shred-Freak is a fine beater for an aggressive draft deck.

I love Chromatic Lantern. Not only will it be very popular in EDH, it could allow 5 Color Control to be back in full swing!

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5th September 2012

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Dreadbore might be the most expensive rare in the set. If Restoration Angel can reach $12, I don’t see why this card can’t. I expect it to be very relevant in Zombies, which will likely be a top deck post-rotation.

I love Grisly Salvage! Any time I can draw or select cards outside of blue, I’m a happy camper. The fact that this is at instant speed and that it fills the graveyard makes it an amazing card.

Havoc Festival is boring. I guess it’s nice for an aggressive Limited deck.

Heroes’ Reunion is bad. The worst part about it is that R&D knows that it’s bad, and they don’t do anything about it. Why can’t they print a good pure life gain spell? Why can’t a 2 mana card give me 10 life? Why can’t a 4 mana card give me 15 life? Rest for the Weary is OK in Modern control decks that need a card to fight burn, but just once I’d like to see R&D make a life gain card that could be powerful enough to be heavily played in Constructed.

Hypersonic Dragon sucks. Why would I play this over Thundermaw Hellkite?

Isperia, Supreme Judge is kind of a let down. It’s not Consecrated Sphinx, and it probably won’t see play over Drogskol Reaver.

Lotleth Troll’s usefulness in Constructed will be heavily determined by whether or not there are creatures worth putting in the graveyard. He’s good with Gravecrawler, but I’d like to see another creature that can return form the grave to make this guy a format staple.

Lyev Skyknight is a nice uncommon. It’s body is good enough on its own for Limited purposes, and the detain ability is just gravy. It could even be used in Standard a bit, if the meta calls for it.

Like all guildmages, Nivix Guildmage will be good in Limited, and almost unplayed elsewhere. It’s a nice role player in draft though.

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5th September 2012

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Unless we see a lot of walls with relevant abilities, Axebane Guardian won’t be any more than Limited mana fixing. Still, it’s very good at what it does.

Death’s Presence is dumb. If a six mana card isn’t going to win me the game, I’m not going to play it. It’s good in Limited I suppose.

Gatecreeper Vine is a very nice card. It should see a bit of play in Standard, just like Sylvan Ranger did. Hopefully there will be enough other cards that make Gates relevant so that wel can force a Gate-themed deck.

Worlspine Wurm is useless. In Legacy, I’d rather use Natural Order to hit Progenitus, in Modern and EDH I’d rather spend the mana on Ulamog, and in Standard I’d rather win the game before getting to 11 mana. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I really am not seeing any reason this should have cost more than 8 or 9 mana.

Archon of the Triumvirate is boring. It’s a rare that is great in Limited and useless everywhere else.

Auger Spree will be a highly sought after Limited card, but that’s probably all it will be. Then again, if Victim of Night and Murder are our best instant speed removal spells in Standard, this could see some play.

I love charms so much. Azorious Charm is off the hook. The removal ability is the best, and it’s insanely powerful. WU for a Time Ebb combat trick is awesome. The fact that this card can pull you miles ahead in a race or be cycled makes it insanely versatile. It may not be as good as the other two charms spoiled so far, but it will be seeing play for the next two years.

Carnival Hellsteed is another rare that is good in Limited and bad elsewhere.

Corpsejack Menace is interesting. A 4/4 for 4 is nothing to scoff at, and it could work out to be quite powerful in the right deck. I know I’ll be using this in my Ghave EDH deck!

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5th September 2012

Photoset with 8 notes

I missed out on discussing a bunch of RTR spoilers because I’ve been moving into my new apartment and having fun with all of my friends before classes start again. But don’t worry, these cards are getting reviewed right now!

Eyes in the Skies is a reasonable Limited card. It has a slight upside over Midnight Haunting, but I’m not sure if it’s worth one more mana.

Rootborn Defenses is a nice combat trick. It could severely turn the tide while fending off a wave of attackers.

Grim Roustabout is a decent card. I don’t know how much Limited play it will see, but a strictly better Drudge Skeletons should see some play.

Ogre Jailbreaker seems awesome. Assuming you’ve got a few Gates, you’ve got a 4/4 for 4, which is pretty nice as a common.

Fencing Ace will be good in the right deck. A couple of buffs on this guy will go a long way.

I don’t know how I feel about Jace, Architect of Will yet. If he’s facing multiple creatures, his +1 isn’t going to be enough, but with some support in the form of creatures or other planeswalkers, giving all of the opponent’s creatures -1/-0 could end up providing a lot of time.

Pack Rat is a Limited bomb. Buy turn 5, you’ll have 4 4/4s on the battlefield. That’s insane. Don’t expect any use in Constructed without more rat support.

Everyone seems to love Guttersnipe, but I’m not seeing it. I get that he could fit well into something like Burning Vengeance or Talrand decks, but I really don’t think that 2 damage to the face is all that much. if he survives for a long time he’ll win you the game, but that’s not a realistic scenario for a 2/2.

Nizzium Mortars is awesome. Besides being a 6 mana sorcery that says “Win the game.” in Limited, it’ll be making waves in Constructed play. It could compete with Bonfire of the Damned for the red sweeper of choice, and which one sees more play will depend on the size of the creatures in the format.

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